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think it's better. i thk ra it pet law,ut it the gave the government and my old agency additional powers we didn't have in 2008 toesolve to close and put through our bankruptcy-like process any large financial institution. just not an insured baj. ub were either not t insured banks or larger banking organization of which the insured baj was a part. this limitation on authority was an impedement to have morrow bust resolution ocess. we have those pows now, but eyd toesend regulators need to use them and the leadership of our government needs to say too big it to fail is over. if this happens again, bailouts are not a new paradigm and won't happen ymore. i don'tea thaot f erdi in this election i'm sorry to say. >> yeah. >> sheila, that's the common complaint about dodd-frank, it was watered down so much. when you look back at the process that led to the enact of dd-frank, who are theeople and what arehe fors ic blame for that not being what it should be? >> i think as i say in my book, i think tim did -- he did water down a number of the provisions. we had an ongoing struggle with him the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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